There are many ways to enjoy and participate in the ministries of Immanuel Lutheran. We invite you to serve and be served, learn and grow with us.

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Join US Sunday Morning!

Worship takes place at 8 and 10:30am on Sunday mornings. Bible Studies begin the weekend after Labor Day and through May and take place between early and late services.

Sunday School . 3 years old to 6th grade

Youth group . 7th to 12th

Adult Bible study in church & school


Dates: December 6-7-8, 2024

 Friday, Dec. 6, 2024: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
 Saturday, Dec. 7, 2024: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
 Sunday, Dec. 8, 2024: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

  • Join the pilgrim throng on its way to Bethlehem to be counted.
  • Listen to the shepherds recount the angel's message proclaiming the Christ's birth.
  • Hear the words of the prophets recall the ancient promises of the Savior.
  • Experience the city alive with villagers living out the daily life of an ancient marketplace.
  • Realize the terror of Roman rule and subjection to a foreign power.
  • Feel poverty and homelessness as you make your way from the inn to stable.

God comes to you in human flesh—a baby lying in a manger.

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Frequently asked questions:

Where are you located?

Immanuel Lutheran Church is located in the community of Frankentrost, at 8220 E. Holland Rd. (M-46), just five miles east of I-75 (exit 149A) and Saginaw, Michigan. We are a sister community to Frankenmuth.

How about accessibility?

The church and school are completely accessible. Outdoors, where the actual "journey" takes place, involves being able to walk in wintry weather.

The journey follows a paved walkway. In December there is always the possibility of ice and snow. Each situation depends on ability and mobility. We have mobility-equipment available for those who might benefit during the outdoor journey.

How long should I plan for the experience?

The actual journey takes about twenty minutes. The wait in church before your guided trip begins can be an hour or more, depending on the crowd. (But don't worry, everyone in church will get to go.)

Prepare to enjoy waiting in church—you'll hear and join in singing traditional Christmas carols and songs. After the journey, you'll get a chance to visit and enjoy refreshments in our school. Planning an evening around the event is a good idea.

Is there a charge?

There is no cost to visit the Living Nativity. We accept free-will offerings, and use them to support the presentation. Naturally, there are costs involved. Recent gifts paved the path, which is much appreciated. The Living Nativity is our church's gift to you out of our love for the Savior—so you may know about God's greatest Gift: His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Ministry Purpose: Provide a summer opportunity for children to learn more about the love of Jesus in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. 

Time Commitment or Schedule: Usually held in mid-June and runs for one week  (Monday through Thursday, 5 PM to 8 PM)

Other Information: This ministry is run by adult and teenage volunteers who like to work with young children ages three years through 6th grade. Includes Bible story time, craft time, outside activity time, interactive games, music time, dinner, and a daily snack. 

Contact: Alicia Beythan,, 754-4285

Ministry Purpose: The purpose of the Men’s Club is to assist each man at Immanuel in affirming his relationship with God and using his gifts to witness and serve. 

Time Commitment or Schedule: Our Men’s Club meets when needed. 

Other Information: 

Hosted Chicken Barbeque in March and October

Provided funding for Saginaw Valley Lutheran Hour, St. Louis Lutheran Hour Ministries, Park Hall cement walkways, PTL Golf Outing, Lutheran Witness subscription, and the Portals of Prayer

Ministry’s purpose: For all the many blessings given to us by our gracious God, the Christian Care Committee responds to the emergency needs of our members and also those individuals outside our congregation who may need our assistance.  This provides us with an opportunity to show our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and also the love of our fellow man to help in time of need.

Time Commitment or Schedule: Our Christian Care Committee meets monthly or if needed. 

Other Information: On Thanksgiving Day, we received $4,575.07 and many gift cards. We also received 103 bags of groceries, which we distributed to the following places: East Side Soup Kitchen, Emmaus House, Saginaw Rescue Mission, Underground Railroad, and people in need within our community. 

We contributed to the following: Lutheran Heritage Foundation, Reach the Forgotten, Worship Anew, Concordia Seminary, Seminary Advancement, Heifer Faith, Hidden Harvest, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod: Ukraine Relief, LCMS: Hurricane Ian. 

We also helped an individual pay his energy bill and helped four families with school tuition payments. Speedway gas cards and Meijer grocery cards were purchased to help people in need. 

Ten poinsettias were purchased and delivered to our shut-in members.

Ministry Purpose: Immanuel’s Ladies WinGs (Women in God’s Service) aims to assist each woman at Immanuel Congregation in affirming her relationship with God and using her gifts to witness and service. 

Time Commitment or Schedule: Our Wings group meets once a month or if needed. 

Other Information:

  • Enrich spiritual growth through Bible studies
  • Service projects for charitable organizations
  • Serve God through LWML (Lutheran Women Missionary League)
  • Provide fellowship for Ladies through our various events
  • “Helping Hands” serves funeral dinners
  •  Card Ministry 

Information to come soon...

Ministry Purpose: MOST Ministries, an LCMS-recognized service organization based in Ann Arbor, provides the opportunity for members of Immanuel to become short-term missionaries and share the Good News of Jesus Christ as well as serve God’s people around the world by participating in 1-2 week long mission trips in other countries and the United States. 

Immanuel’s past mission trips include: 

2001-Haiti, 2002-Mexico, 2003- Mexico, 2004-Latvia, 2005-Nicaragua, 2006-Guatemala, 2007 Dominican Republic, 2008-Guatemala, 2009-Mexico, 2010-Guatemala, 2011-Panama, 2012-El Salvador, 2013-Guatemala, 2014-Guatemala, 2015-Nicaragua, 2016-Jamaica, 2017-Belize, 2018-Belize, 2019-South Africa, 2020 Peru-canceled due to Covid, 2021-Guatemala.

Time Commitment or Schedule: MOST ministry team members meet when needed and take mission trips almost every year. 

Other Information

We invite Immanuel, 14 years and older members, to consider participating in a mission trip.  This experience will change your spiritual and secular life in ways you cannot imagine.  Fundraisers, private donations, and an annual auction help fund our trips.  For more information about future mission trip opportunities, please 

Contact: Dennis and Roxann Leidel 989-652-2719


Organists, pianists and other instrumentalists serve our Lord with music during our worship services. The choir schedule is shared by Adult Choir and Adult Handbells, Cherub Choir and Children's Choir, Children's Handbells and a Trumpet Player. If you are interested in joining or would simply like more information about a group, please contact a director.

If you would like to leave a phone message for any director, please contact the church office at 989-754-0929.